Steps for replacing the xbox360 ana bga chip

Steps for replacing the xbox360 ana bga chipWhen need to change a the ANA chip for Xbox360?

If there is  E74 error message on your xbox 360 game console, the ANA chip is not working any more. First ,you need to try tightening or replacing the heat sinks that are supposed to cool the chip, but if the error stil exist, you may need to replace the chip.

Below are the steps for your reference:

1.Take the Xbox 360 apart and remove the motherboard.
2.Place the motherboard on a preheater at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and gradually heat it up to 350 degrees.(We sugguest the T-8280 infrared preheater, scotle-hr360, achi ir 6000 or achi ir-pro-sc)3.Turn the bga rework station to 230 degrees.
4.Grab the tweezers or use the vacuum sunction pen and the nozzle of the bga rework station. Grasp the ANA chip with the tweezers and hold the nozzle up to the chip for 30 seconds to a minute.5.Pull the chip out of its socket with tweezers .
6.Grasp a soldering iron and desoldering braid. Put some solder flux on the spot where the chip was and slowly wipe the soldering iron and desoldering braid across the area to pick up any leftover solder from the old chip.
7.Put the new chip upside down in a vise.
8.Put a BGA stencil on the chip and put on a pair of anti-static gloves

9.Spread solder balls over the bga stencil, making sure to cover every hole.

10.Heat the solder balls until it is molten. Let it cool and then remove the stencil.

11 .Release the chip from the vice and place it in position on the motherboard.

12 . Heat the chip in its position on the motherboard for about 20 seconds or until it slides into place.

13. Above are the general steps, and there maybe missing some details, if you have any good idea or suggestion, please feel free to let me know.

Steps for replacing the xbox360 ana bga chip